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Why We Do It

Time is running out. We want to reach as many people for Christ as possible. That is why we do this ministry - to help you reach more people for Christ! With a website you can reach people in your area and all over the world.

How Does it Work

We work with you to build a design to your liking. We then input the design into our Alpha Platform. From there you can input all of the content to your site that you wish.

Alpha Platform

The Alpha Platform is our Content Management System. This allows you to go in and make changes to your site without messing up the design. You can add pages, pictures text, etc..., You can even switch to another design if you are tired of your current one.

Questions - Feel Free to Contact Us

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 567-342-1354 or You can also click the contact button below.

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